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变相怪杰 插曲

12 - Cuban Pete (Arkin movie mix) - Jim Carrey 翻译过来叫 古巴宠儿

Hey, Pachuco

《变相怪杰1》中那首伦巴插曲叫《Cuban Pete》。 《Cuban Pete》 演唱:Jim Carrey 所属专辑:《The Mask OST》 所属专辑:1994年01月01日 歌词: Verse 1 (Male Solo): They call me Cuban Pete. I'm the king of the rumba beat. When I play...

Hey Pachuco


Can' t Take My Eyes Off You 只不过,这首歌有很多版本。是个老歌啦!


好像是Hey Pachuco 你听听看

The Saltwater Room - Owl City I opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light Walking down by the bay on the shore staring up at the planes that aren't there anymore I was feeling the night grow old and you were lookin...


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