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变相怪杰 插曲

《变相怪杰1》中那首伦巴插曲叫《Cuban Pete》。 《Cuban Pete》 演唱:Jim Carrey 所属专辑:《The Mask OST》 所属专辑:1994年01月01日 歌词: Verse 1 (Male Solo): They call me Cuban Pete. I'm the king of the rumba beat. When I play...

"Hey, Pachuco"歌词:Eddie Nichols表演:Royal Crown Revue歌词如下:Summer '43 the man's gunnin' for meBlue and white mean war tonightThey say damn my pride and allThe other cats livin' down eastsideOr maybe just my brim's too wi...

不知道你找哪一首,附上所有原声: 01. Cuban Pete (C&C pop radio edit) - Jim Carrey 02. Who's That Man - Xscape 03. This Business Of Love - Domino (Dance) 04. Bounce Around - Tony Toni Tone 05. Whisper Your Name, (I Could Only) -...

Can' t Take My Eyes Off You 只不过,这首歌有很多版本。是个老歌啦!

Hey Pachuco

can't take my eyes off you

Cuban Pete 变相怪杰1 上映:1994年 时长:101分钟 地区:美 国 语言:英 语 导演:查克·拉塞尔 主演:金·凯瑞 类型:剧情

Can t Take My Eyes Off You

Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love You Boy, I never knew I could feel The way I felt, when I felt the way You were feeling me baby I'm so out of control, yeah Everytime you look my way I realize more and more How much I adore Those p...

Cuban Pete (Arkin movie mix) - Jim Carrey 翻译过来叫 古巴宠儿


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